Test evaluation with personalized assessment and nutrition advice booklet and consultation session (Basic) +
7 day meal plan with recipes tailored to your nutrition type and food preferences

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Price:  25000 Huf - (aprox. 360 Ron/this price may change  with  exchange rates) 

From our unique, science-based test you’ll find out:

  • What weight loss strategy would be the most suitable for you
  • What type of food you should eat to boost your health and achieve optimal weight
  • What ratio of macro nutrients would be ideal for you
  • Would it suit you to follow any of the popular diets (paleo, ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian, etc.), if so, which one?
  • Do your eating habits support your health
  • What factors can influence your nutrition profile

We consider 4 different metabolic approaches

Genetic type

Dominant hormone type

Physique type

Emotional eating habits


  • ON TOP OF OUR BASIC PACKAGE we will prepare for you

Our meal plans are completely unique as we take into consideration a) your nutrition type, b) your taste and c) your eating habits. Thus a tailored made dietary plan based on your Nutrition Profile with various recipes will be prepared so that you can creatively used it to create more foods afterwards. Thus it provides you with a menu for more than just a 7 days. 

Our aim is to decrease the time you spend in the kitchen by recipes which are quick and easy to use.

Our consultants: Our team works toward your overall well-being by evaluating your test results, personalized dietary plans and one-on-one consultations. If you feel you need it, we will accompany you through the implementation of your nutrition recommendations step by step.

Eszter Nagy
Funkcional healtth coach

Beata Bajusz
Funkcional healtth coach

Lucien del Mar
Funkcional healtth coach

If you would like to order the PLUS package, please click on the link below: 

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Personalized nutrition advice for vibrant healthIf you would like to order the Basic package, p..